Hudson Vagabond Puppets presents Butterfly: The Story of a Life Cycle

Butterfly: The Story of a Life Cycle

This show offers students a microscopic look at the insect world, viewing the life of a butterfly. Each part of the life cycle is depicted through songs and dances with giant puppets. Mari the Monarch's wing span is 8 ft! Students see the story unfold from egg to caterpillar, on to the amazing metamorphosis in the chrysalis, and finally to the incredible 1,500 mile journey to Mexico.

A host of other creatures from the insect world join her on her way, including the lowly earthworm and glorious dragonfly. Scrolling scenery reveals close-up images of the plant world, while full color shadow puppets portray the migration to Mexico.

This program is based on science... with flights of fancy!

Curriculum Focus: Science, Storytelling, Problem Solving, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, Music and Dance.

Download the Study Guide (1mb pdf)

Technical Information

Running Time: 56 Minutes

Company:   4 Puppeteers and Driver

Load-In:   2.5 hours

Load-Out:   1.5 hours

Lighting: General stage lighting

Sound: This show uses a CD/MP3 plus 1 hand held microphone.

Stage Requirements: 25ft deep by 35ft wide with 16ft of overhead clearance and 10ft of wing space on each side. If these dimensions are unavailable, we do have masking in order to perform in alternative areas, such as a gymnasium.

Hudson Vagabond Puppets presents Butterfly: The Story of a Life Cycle

Touring Dates


April 22 – June 9

July 1 – August 4


April 20 – June 7

July 6 – August 2


April 12 – June 6

July 5 – August 1