Hudson Vagabond Puppets presents the Mammoth Follies

The Giant Dinosaur Musical: Mammoth Follies

Mammoth Follies explores the wonder of evolution in an old-fashioned revue of original songs and earth-shaking dances performed by giant dinosaur puppets.

Willie Mammoth, Smiley, the Saber-Toothed Tiger, Tony and Trixie Triceratops, 22-foot long Bessie Apatosaurus, Terry the Pterodactyl, and 12-foot tall T-Rex are just a few of the characters that take the audience on a musical romp through pre-history.

Curriculum Focus: Science, Communication, Language Arts, Storytelling, Problem Solving, Theatre Arts, Visual Arts, Music and Dance.

Download the Study Guide (700kb pdf)

Technical Information

Running Time: 54 Minutes

Company:   6 Puppeteers and Driver

Load-In:   2.5 hours

Load-Out:   1.5 hours

Lighting: Contact us for a detailed lighting plot

Sound: This show uses a CD/MP3 plus 1 wireless microphone.

Stage Requirements: 25ft deep by 35ft wide with 10ft of wing space on either side. The scenery reaches 16ft. If these dimensions are unavailable, we do have masking in order to perform in alternative areas, such as a gymnasium.

Touring Dates


March 4 – April 21

August 5 – September 8


March 9 – April 19

August 3 – September 6


March 5 – April 11

August 2 – September 12